Promoting Artists of All Abilities: The Quickest Flip Project

This is such a great idea! I am proud to be published within.
The fabulous Jamie Walsh of Quickest Flip has made issue #3 available for your viewing pleasure! In this issue Sam Smith & I premier the Sided by Side series (3 clicks after the table of content) where Sam shares his unique interpretation of one of my works (or mine of his). Sam is vision impaired and uses special closed caption equipment to show us his enhanced sense of the art of irony. You can see more of his remarkable work here: Sam Smith or at
(page 3) Showing with my lovely friend Sam Smith, the master of the visual pun.

the incluseum

We’re very happy to have Jamie Walsh blog for us again. This time, she’ll be telling us more about her awesome project, the Quickest Flip. Be sure to check out her website and learn how you can support her endeavors (also discussed further in this post). 

Quickest Flip is a project I started a couple of years ago. Essentially, I try to promote artists both with and without disabilities in one inclusive space. This interest began after I worked for several years as an art instructor and gallery curator at an art program for adults with developmental disabilities. The majority of visitors to the gallery were awesome people who really loved coming in and looking at the art. Some people even said it was their favorite gallery in town and several people were serious collectors of artwork by some of the artists. However, there would also be those one…

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~ by oddgirl art on April 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Promoting Artists of All Abilities: The Quickest Flip Project”

  1. So proud of you guys! Brilliant work!

  2. Thanks Sweetie!

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